‘John Yang’ is Apparently Another Asian Candidate for President and Andrew Yang Fans Are Shook

andrew yang

MSNBC made yet another mishap with Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang by calling him the wrong name during a segment on Monday.


The network listed the 44-year-old candidate as “John Yang” instead of Andrew Yang during a report covering the crowd surfing he did on Sunday at the Asian American and Pacific Islander Democratic Presidential Forum in Costa Mesa, California.

Television anchor Yasmin Vossoughian delivered the news from the recent campaign event, saying, “And John Yang, living his best life, crowd surfing — Andrew Yang, excuse me — crowd surfing on the campaign trail.”

The chyron also displayed a different name that reads: “JOHN YANG CROWD SURFS ON 2020 TRAIL.”

Wesley Yang, a columnist for Esquire, immediately called the error out on Twitter, according to Daily Caller.

“Genuinely don’t know if this is malice or incompetence — both are obviously possible — but this opens up nonzero possibility they will at some point refer to Wesley Yang,” the columnist said in his follow-up tweet.

Twitter users also criticized and poked fun at MSNBC’s error by using the hashtag #WhoIsJohnYang.

This is not the first time MSNBC has made an error while covering Yang. In June, the network completely ignored Yang in its list of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / Winston McHetz

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