Andrew Yang says US 2-party system is a ‘fake competition,’ hints at 2024 presidential run

Andrew Yang says US 2-party system is a ‘fake competition,’ hints at 2024 presidential runAndrew Yang says US 2-party system is a ‘fake competition,’ hints at 2024 presidential run
Jane Nam
July 26, 2022
Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang
Yang, who ran as a Democrat in 2020, explained that the U.S. needs to rethink its bipartisan system since he believes it has become reduced to sabotaging the opponent’s party.
He referred to how Democrats have been spending millions of dollars to elevate particular Republican candidates who they consider the most beatable in November.
This includes funding some of the most extreme right-wing aspirants, such as GOP gubernatorial candidates Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania, Darren Bailey of Illinois and Dan Cox of Maryland, all of whom won their primaries, and Colorado Senate candidate Ron Hanks, who lost in the primary to GOP candidate Joe O’Dea.
Yang also said during his interview with Fox News Digital that “Democrats and Americans should be angry that we’re reduced to this kind of game playing — that you’re saying that people donate money to the Democratic Party and then that money gets funneled to boost the extreme Republican because that’s going to help your chances?”
He reminded viewers that Democrats made the same mistake with Donald Trump in 2016, thinking they were going to easily beat the political outsider only to have him win the presidency.
“So what I said then was, ‘Look, be careful what you wish for,’” Yang said.   
“There are a lot of people that are not eager for a Biden-Trump rematch, but it seems like we may very well get that. And one thing I will say is that if that matchup is unappealing to you, then go to and let’s make sure that Americans have more choices in your community, but also in 2024,” he added, hinting at the possibility of a presidential bid for the upcoming election. 
Yang launched his new political party last year in October after announcing his departure from the Democratic party the day before. He described his decision to build his own Forward Party as an effort to bridge the existing parties and address the issue of polarization.
The name likely branches from his 2020 campaign motto: “Not Left. Not Right. Forward.”
“If you do wind up with a Donald Trump – Joe Biden rematch,” Yang said, “that’s a rematch that 58 percent of Americans don’t want, which I’m going to suggest illustrates just how unrepresentative our two-party system has become.”
He added that the Forward Party is “meant to appeal to the 62 percent of Americans who don’t think the two-party system is working very well” by creating “a positive, unifying political movement to shift from the closed party primaries that are rigged and uncompetitive in 90 percent of districts, and shift to non-partisan open primaries where anyone can vote for anyone of any party coupled with ranked-choice voting.” 
“We have this fake competition,” Yang concluded, further explaining the need to “modernize” the country’s politics.   
According to polls, Biden is the most unpopular president since former President Harry S. Truman, who served just one term. Even still, President Biden is considered the frontrunner for his party’s nomination in 2024 despite his 38.6 percent approval rating.  
Featured Image via Fox News
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