Alyssa Milano Pulls Out of Andrew Yang’s Campaign After Staffer is Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Alyssa Milano Pulls Out of Andrew Yang’s Campaign After Staffer is Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Bryan Ke
December 12, 2019
Editor’s Note: The headline on this post originally said Alyssa Milano accused the staffer on Andrew Yang’s campaign of sexual misconduct. It has been changed to clarify that the actress was merely highlighting the allegations made by a different staffer on Yang’s campaign.
Update [3:30 p.m. PST]: A staff member on Andrew Yang’s campaign has reached out to us to clarify that the firing of the staff member occurred before Alyssa Milano’s tweets.
Andrew Yang has fired the staffer accused of alleged sexual misconduct on another staff after actress and political activist Alyssa Milano announced she would no longer attend the upcoming fundraiser.
The 44-year-old presidential candidate told reporters on Wednesday the “mistreatment” was not of a sexual nature and the employee has now been fired.
“To the extent that a particular individual was in a position to mistreat another employee, that’s no longer the case today,” Yang said via Politico.
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The statement came a day later after Milano, who was supposed to appear at a brunch fundraiser for Yang, announced she would no longer appear at the event, citing allegations of sexual misconduct as the reason, according to Fox News.
“I have made the difficult decision to withdraw my participation from a fundraiser for the @andrewyang campaign,” the 46-year-old actress said in her Tuesday tweet. “This is due to repeated allegations of sexual misconduct against a campaign staffer by a campaign staffer which were not appropriately addressed.”
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“While I have not endorsed any candidate, I do believe Andrew Yang is a good man with progressive, smart, interesting ideas. And to be clear, NO allegations have been made against him personally. But this issue is too important and too prevalent. The buck stops at the top,” Milano added in her follow-up tweet.
“Part of fixing the issue of sexual harassment in our culture is living our values and holding ourselves and the people we admire accountable.”
“I wish Andrew, his family and his campaign well, and encourage him to immediately and publicly remedy this issue.”
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After posting her withdrawal from the fundraiser, Yang’s campaign issued a statement on Tuesday evening, saying they will look into the allegations.
“We take these matters seriously, and creating a safe environment for anyone participating in any activity with the campaign is an utmost priority,” the statement reads. “To those ends, we have initiated prompt action to evaluate these allegations and will take all necessary steps to ensure that we foster a work environment that is in accordance with our values.”
Feature Image via @milano_alyssa (Left), Gage Skidmore (CC BY 2.0)
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