20 Things About Andrew Yang That Will Have You Cheating on Other Democrats

Presidential hopeful and world’s coolest Asian dad, Andrew Yang, has been beating all expectations by rising from being the underdog of the 2020 Presidential Election to the leader of the #YangGang.

From attending Comic Con to getting boozy with his supporters by serving alcoholic boba at his rallies, Andrew Yang is the hero we’ve been dreaming of to bring America back together.

If you’re still not a part of the #YangGang, here are 20 reasons that prove, without a doubt, that Andrew Yang is the most lovable and badass U.S. presidential candidate to have ever walked this Earth.

1. He’s the cool Asian dad we’ve always wanted.


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Amazing day at Comic Con 2018!

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Merry (late) Xmas from our family to yours!!

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2. He literally wants to give us free money and you’d have to be an idiot to turn that down.

3. His senior photos prove he’s a million times edgier than all of us.

4. He cares about women, meaning he won’t “grab em by the pussy,” he’ll look after them instead.

5. He’ll stand up for immigrant families…

6. … while also saving us from the robots.

7. Did I mention he’s also a very avid Game of Thrones fan? Man’s got good taste.

8. He also cares about young people’s (and everyone else’s) mental health.

9. He serves alcoholic boba at his fundraising dinners. If this is what he can do now, just imagine what amazing thing he could come up with next as PRESIDENT.

10. He’d make David Attenborough very VERY proud.

11. He wants to give autistic children and their parents the support they deserve.

12. He said that he would pardon everyone who’s in jail for a low-level, non-violent marijuana offense — what a way to celebrate 4/20.

13. He’ll also support our teachers.

14. His campaign slogan is literally the opposite of Trump’s: MATH — Make America Think Harder.

15. He’s performed with Tupac (kind of).


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Trying out the hologram for the first time. Hologram me + hologram Tupac

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16. He’s even been in a mosh pit/crowd surfed before and he’d be the first ever former-goth American president.

17. He’s being supported by the CEO of Twitter, Noah Centineo and Daniel Dae Kim.


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Fun event tonight hanging with some great people. Let’s change the conversation

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18. He ALWAYS leaves a tip.

19. And he’s just an all-around super nice and super relatable guy.

20. Oh and he’ll deliver 1,000 good boys straight to your door every month (okay so maybe not this one, but it’s a lovely gesture anyways).

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