Andrew Yang Has Been Serving Alcoholic Boba at His Fundraisers and I Only Just Found Out

andrew yang

Presidential candidate and all around cool guy Andrew Yang has apparently been serving alcoholic boba at his rallies.

First, I thought alcoholic boba was a myth. Like, there’s such a drink in existence that has boba and gives you a serious buzz? What does that even taste like? I can only imagine… But it looks like the boba was provided by Labobatory.

Second, who else but Andrew Yang, a man who wants fix up America’s list of dumpster fire problems, would be genius enough to treat his supporters with what is basically a drink of the Asian gods that EVERYONE can and should enjoy?

The lesson here: He gives the people what they didn’t even know they needed all their lives.

Whether it’s his UBI plan to put $1,000 extra in your pocket or protecting the economy from the winter that is coming (the winter of automation, that is) time and time again he’s proving to be the genius we really hope we deserve.

He’s greater than just a president. Andrew Yang is a hero.

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