Netflix’s New Comedy Special Blasted for Jokes Linking Asians to Pandemic

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Netflix’s new comedy special “Schulz Saves America” is facing backlash for running “dangerous” and “racist” jokes targeting Asian people and for calling the coronavirus the “Asian parasite.”

Offensive jokes: The show sees YouTuber and stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz recap the chaos that happened in 2020. In the first episode, the 37-year-old online personality accused China of spreading the virus, according to Seth Simons’ newsletter post, Humorism.


  • “Don’t tell America what to wear. Tell China not to infect,” Schulz said in the episode. “I mean, let’s be honest: next to squatting to smoke a cigarette, slinging viruses is their favorite thing to do. They make everything over there: bubonic plague, SARS, bird flu, corona, 15-second dance videos. I mean, Chinese viruses have killed almost as many people as Chinese dictators.”
  • Schulz continued to defend his joke by claiming he was not referring to the Chinese people, but the Chinese government.
  • “I love the Chinese,” the Netflix comedy special star said. “I love Asians in general… Asians are the best. I mean, Jeremy Lin, Jet Li, Squirtle, Mickey Rooney, the list is oolong. These are the people I wonton my team. But the Chinese government, though? F**k ‘em.”
  • Simons stated that Schulz continued to blame China, lump it together with the rest of Asia, and when he got to the second episode, he likened Woody Allen’s Korea-born wife, Soon-Yi Previn, to a virus carrier.
  • “Maybe that Woody is a pedophile,” Schulz said. “But to be fair to him, he married her and they’re still together. So that begs the question: is she the cure? Asia, you might’ve given us one virus, but you solved another.”

Trump’s same sentiment: Schulz’s comments in his Netflix special reflects the same anti-Asian sentiment Donald Trump expressed in the past few months amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Schulz refers to the virus as the “Asian parasite” and the “Wuhanic Plague” in the Netflix special.
  • In comparison, Trump called the pandemic the “Chinese virus,” “Kung Flu” and various others throughout his campaign.
  • In September, the national coalition Stop AAPI Hate published a report stating as many as 2,583 Asian Americans experienced anti-Asian discrimination amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online backlash: Many social media users called out the Netflix special for allowing the jokes to pass through, including author Jessica Valenti who also slammed the streaming platform for Schulz’s show.

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There have also been users who support Schulz’s special:

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