Man Who Traded Pants With His Friend So She Can Take a Test is the Real MVP

A student at the University of Texas has become a hero after going above and beyond to help a friend take an important quiz.
Andrew Nguyen, 18, was with her friend Diana Le at the library, who was studying really hard for an exam she was about to take.
As Le was about to leave, she started freaking out because she realized she didn’t have pants on to go into the lab. She asked everyone around her to see if they had extra pants, but no one did.
“A lot of the labs have a dress code for safety conduct, which is understandable to an extent,” Nguyen told BuzzFeed. “They literally make you wear pants and closed toe shoes to even get in the class.”
So Nguyen decided to step up to the plate and offered to trade pants with Le. For the next 50 minutes, he hid in the bathroom with his friend’s booty shorts while she took her quiz.
He posted his experience on Twitter, which has since gone viral.
 “I thought if I’m doing a good deed for my friend I may as well get a few laughs out of it and than bam, it blew up,” Nguyen said.
Andrew Nguyen is the hero we all need in our lives. Salute to you!
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