These are the world’s first gummies to prevent Asian glow

These are the world’s first gummies to prevent Asian glowThese are the world’s first gummies to prevent Asian glow
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Carl Samson
February 16, 2024
Alleviating alcohol flush reaction — also known as the “Asian flush” or the “Asian glow” — now reportedly comes in the form of gummies.
Driving the solution: Alcohol flush reaction, rooted in a genetic mutation in the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2), manifests as redness on the face, neck and other parts of the body following the consumption of alcohol. This mutation is reportedly present in about 560 million people worldwide, the vast majority of which are East Asian (hence, “Asian glow”).
How it works: Ando, formulated with FDA-approved ingredients, is reportedly the world’s first gummy to target alcohol flush reaction. According to the company, its berry-flavored, vegan and gluten-free gummy provides redness relief in minutes, maintains a steady heart rate and reduces discomfort and “rough mornings.”
Ando advises taking three gummies 30 minutes before drinking. The gummy may also be taken continuously throughout the night to mitigate “Asian glow” symptoms.
Who’s behind it: Ando is the brainchild of Raylen Margono, who himself had spent years dealing with his “Asian glow.” Growing up with other Asians, the Indonesian-born entrepreneur did not really notice the “glow,” but moving to the U.S. for college helped him see it.
“Ando means relief in Korean, which is fitting for the type of problem we’re trying to solve,” Margono, who co-founded the company with a college friend, Peter Czepiga, told Northeast Asian Weekly. “It’s reflective of our mission to make you feel yourself when you drink.”
The big picture: While alcohol flush has been synonymous to “Asian glow,” Ando is for anyone suffering from its symptoms, Margono said. His team took around seven months to perfect the gummy’s berry taste.
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