Bay Area councilmember attacked with concrete block while walking with his family

Bay Area councilmember attacked with concrete block while walking with his family
Michelle De Pacina
June 13, 2022
A Millbrae City councilmember was hit on the head with a concrete block while walking with his family in San Francisco’s Lands End Park.
Anders Fung was walking with his wife and two children when two young men threw a concrete block at him from at least 20 feet above, hitting him on the head and causing him to fall to the ground at around 5 p.m. on Saturday. 
At first, the Bay Area elected official thought the incident was an accident. However, the young men in hoodies continued to throw rocks directly at him. 
“As I was just walking by the cove. I got struck by a heavy object on top of my head,” Fung told NBC Bay Area. “And I struggled to get up. As I was getting up, I continued to see heavy objects casted very close to me.”
His family yelled at the attackers to stop, according to Fung. His teenage daughter tried to chase after the men to take photos before they allegedly flashed an obscene hand gesture and fled the scene. 
The United States Park Police responded to the scene, and Fung was transported to the California Pacific Medical Center emergency care. According to the official, the suspects have not been arrested. The investigation is currently ongoing.
“I sustained a head injury with a 2-inch laceration and a cervical disc herniation around my neck,” Fung wrote in a Facebook post. “The doctor performed an MRI and CT scan, and also stitched up my wound. The pain is severe, but I am expected to have a full recovery.”
While Fung will be leaving it to the authorities to determine whether the incident was a racially motivated attack, he believes more must be done to stop senseless violence.
“It’s important to know that senseless violence such as this is completely unprovoked,” Fung told NBC Bay Area. “I was just walking in the area with my family. Just like anybody else, just like any other member of our community. Just recreating in an area that believed we should feel safe. And yet, this happens.”
The Millbrae City Councilman encouraged victims to speak out and report the attacks to the authorities. 
“I want everyone to understand it’s important to speak out so that law enforcement understands it… that our policymakers understand how it impacts our community and how important it is for us to take action to stop these senseless violence and hate,” Fung told ABC7 News. “It is important we bring these perps to justice so this doesn’t happen again. Don’t be afraid to speak out and report this to law enforcement.”
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Featured Image via Anders Fung
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