CFO Sends Racist Emails to Indian-American CEO Using Work Email

Editor’s Note: The following post was originally published on CB Insights and written by its CEO, Anand Sanwal. 

With almost 300,000 newsletter subscribers, we get a lot of email replies.  Most of them are quite nice. But we get a decent chunk of colorful, angry emails.

People get upset about dumb isht all the time. It cracks me up.

But tonight was a whole other level of crazy. In response to tonight’s newsletter with the subject line “I’m rich therefore I harass,” I received this.

Holy isht!

After the poor grammar, the second thing I noticed is that it was from his business email.

That’s not smart.

I looked him up on Google and saw the name belonged to a CFO at a VC firm.

That’s really not smart.

Maybe he was hacked? Maybe he was having a bad day at work and lashing out at brown people is how he copes?

I wasn’t sure, but I def wanted to connect with this guy on LinkedIn.

So I wrote him.

I bcc’d Jon, my co-founder, on the response cuz I didn’t want him to miss out on the fun. I also pinged him on IM.


Then I got a response to my follow-up.

Was this dude high? No idea.

I forwarded his response to Jon. Naturally, I was curious if his hatred extended to other groups so I asked Jon if I could inquire about that.

With Jon’s blessing, I responded to him hoping to learn more about his views.

After waiting a bit, no response 🙁

Jon and I chatted again and he tried to cheer me up since it appeared that this person only hates brownies and not Jews.

I then emailed the firm’s founders who said the emails seemed to be the result of the executive having “clicked on some kind of phishing link that caused a blast email from his account.”

We’ll never know if these racist emails were from a phishing scam or from a VC executive, but nevertheless, someone out there hates brownies. And I thought you should know.

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