Amy Schumer Reveals Her Family’s Racist Reaction if She Brought an Asian Man Home

Amy Schumer’s success as a comedian has thrust her into the spotlight, giving her a voice and influence for women in comedy. Unfortunately, like Steve Harvey, it’s too bad that she and her family have a less than positive view when it comes to Asian men.

In an older but recently emerged video, Schumer gets interviewed by Howard Stern. During the segment, Schumer begins to talk about her dating history, beginning with black men.

Stern then asked if Schumer’s parents would be fine if she brought a black guy home, to which she replied “yes”. But then she drops this random gem.

“I think they would be mad if I brought home an Asian guy. Just out of confusion,” she said.

When asked why, Schumer said:

“They would just be like, ‘I don’t understand. Do you really want to fuck this guy?'”

Ironically, Schumer then goes on to talk about discrimination in her youth for her Jewish heritage.

This isn’t the first time Schumer has targeted Asians. In 2010, she tweeted the following joke about Asians:

And of course, the backlash ensued:

Schumer has yet to release a statement or apology for her tweet. Ranier Maningding, who runs The Love Life of an Asian Guy, condemned Schumer for her actions.

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