The Amount of Money That PPAP Song Has Made Will Make You Cry

Japanese comedian Kosaka Daimaou, or Piko Taro as he is more popularly known, recently became an instant global phenomenon via his infectious “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” song.
With over 90 million views on his YouTube video, a Guinness World Record, several TV appearances and other accomplishments under his belt, there is no denying that PPAP has made Piko Taro a very famous man. The question is, however, has the song’s popularity also made him wealthy?
In a recent interview on broadcaster Fuji TV’s Nonstop! talk show, the comedian revealed how much he actually made from PPAP’s success, RocketNews24 reported.
Asked how he feels about his recent popularity, Piko said he was “surprised.”
“It’s really turned into something incredible,” he added.
He was then asked by the program’s host on how much money he has earned from the song. To this, Piko Taro simply replied,“I haven’t received a single yen from the song.”
Considering “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” has reached the top of the Billboard Japan Hot 100 list, and is currently sold as a paid download on iTunes, there is certainly money being made from his viral song.
The revenue from the song’s YouTube video should also add up to a significant amount. There is no doubt that someone is making some serious money off of “PPAP.”
While some may express skepticism over his claim, Piko Taro maintains that it is understandable how he is not yet rich at this time, noting how his popularity has just begun.
“Remember, PPAP only recently became well-known,” he told the Nonstop! hosts.
Hopefully, Piko Taro finally gets his share when his upcoming album finally gets released.  
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