American Woman Offers U.S. Citizenship to the Highest Bidder in Chinese Marriage Market

An American woman dressed in a wedding gown put herself up for auction at the Shanghai Marriage Market in People’s Square last weekend, turning heads as soon as she showed up.

Her glaring promise: U.S. citizenship.

For those who may not know, that marriage market is a hub for parents seeking spouses for their sons or daughters. According to Timeout Shanghai, parents advertise their children through various ways, including marriage-tailored CVs and the embarrassing, no-nonsense marketing that is public display.

If her goal was to catch attention, the American woman surely knew what she was doing. Flashing her passport, she held a sign that read, “USA Citizenship through marriage to the highest bidder.”

However, it is unknown whether the woman is actually serious about her offer. No one probably wants to shell out money for a stranger… or would they? We know dowries are a thing in China, but what about in this case?

As usual, netizens shared their thoughts on the matter. Some wrote on Weibo (via Shanghaiist):

“Fuck off.”

“Fuck, the legalization of prostitution is just a matter of time.”

“To get a Beijing or Shanghai hukou, people from other provinces have long ago started to do this kind of thing.”

What do you think?

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