American Woman Arrested In Japan for Dumping 100 Bullets in Airport Trash

Local authorities in Japan have recently arrested an elderly American woman for dumping a pile of bullets in a trash bin at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

The unnamed woman, who was reportedly in her 60s, arrived in Japan with her husband on Tuesday, July 4, which incidentally coincides with the United States’ celebration of its Independence Day.

According to SoraNews24, the woman was apprehended as the couple was heading to the airport’s departure lobby to wait for their scheduled connecting flight that same evening bound for their ultimate unidentified destination in Southeast Asia.

Tokyo Haneda Airport

Security camera footage was reportedly analyzed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police after airport staff discovered 100 rounds of .22 caliber handgun ammunition inside a trash can in Haneda International Terminal.

Based on the investigation, the bullets were found to be disposed there by the woman who later admitted to the act upon being questioned by authorities. The disposal of bullets is considered a crime within Japan’s strict anti-gun laws. 

She explained that she brought the bullets from America by mistake as she forgot to remove them from her bag back home, and claimed that she only noticed the contraband upon arrival in Japan.

The woman is currently being held on suspicion of violating Japan’s Swords and Firearms Control Law.

It was not revealed in the report, however, if the prosecution against the woman will be pursued, although an investigation into how the bullets passed unnoticed by both the immigration and customs officials is underway.

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