American Reporter Meeting the Only Chinese Football Player in Germany is Cringy AF

American Reporter Meeting the Only Chinese Football Player in Germany is Cringy AF

September 19, 2017
The first meeting of an American reporter and a Chinese football player in Germany is perhaps the most nutritious source of cringe for 2017, unless something worse emerges.
It’s all in a six-minute video posted on Deutsche Welle’s Kick Off! YouTube channel, where reporter Kres Harrington sets out to meet Yuning Zhang, a Chinese player for German football team Werder Bremen.
For those who may not know, Zhang happens to be the only Chinese player in the Bundesliga, the German football league of which Werder Bremen is a member team.
The video opens with Harrington stating his purpose of being in Germany.
He does not exactly introduce Zhang, but instead kicks off with “Let’s go meet China.”
Oh, okay.
He shows that he’s prepared for the adventure by bringing a fan and some Chinese music.
Really now?
As they meet, Harrington asks for Zhang’s first name before patting him on the shoulder with a comment, “Big! Big guy. Alright, good.”
Was Zhang supposed to be small?
The two then ride in a car where Harrington pulls out a fortune cookie and “shocks” himself after learning that Zhang never had it back in China.
“After meeting up we hop in the car and take a ride. What I learned next is shocking,” he said.
Um, maybe because they came from Japan?
Moments later, Harrington brings up dogs, and you can guess what happened from there.
“One thing I learned about Germany and I’m surprised… The relationship between man and dog,” he started. “People treat their dogs almost like their best friend, literally, in this country. Is it the same way in China?”
There are countless things to ask about one country, but for some reason, Harrington wanted to know about man and dog’s relationship in China.
I’m pretty sure many — especially reporters — have heard of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
Zhang intelligently satisfies this questionable ignorance by pointing out that dogs being eaten in China is a stereotype, similar to Germans drinking beer.
The video ends with Harrington advising Zhang to break out of his shell and dance to Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”
We’ve had enough, so see for yourself:
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