American Missionary Travels Around Asia in His Handmade Boat

American Missionary Travels Around Asia in His Handmade BoatAmerican Missionary Travels Around Asia in His Handmade Boat
Ryan General
December 14, 2016
An American, who calls himself a missionary-adventurer, has been traveling the around the Philippine seas using a handmade boat that he designed and built.
Jonathan Selby, 69, was formerly a mechanical engineer and teacher but left his career in the U.S. to pursue his inner calling — to spread the Bible’s teachings.
In 2014, he left Tennessee and began sailing around the world to minister to the children that he meets along the way. According to his Facebook profile, he attended Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania.
In fulfilling his mission, Selby’s stops usually involved him teaching some kids Christian songs and biblical gospel. He also dresses up as Santa Claus occasionally to entertain kids.
ABS-CBN News reported that Selby’s travels had brought him to Singapore, Manila, Leyte, Boracay, and Mindoro. He is reportedly in Palawan, the Philippines, where his boat is currently docked.
He considers it a miracle having to survive at sea in unpredictable weather, but he said he just “entrusted everything to the Lord.”
During his stop in Palawan, Selby purchased some materials in Puerto Princesa City to repair his boat which has encountered some rough days at sea. After he has completed his Philippine travel map, he is set to visit Malaysia next.
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