American man ridiculed for marrying Filipino woman ‘too hot’ for him

American man ridiculed for marrying Filipino woman ‘too hot’ for himAmerican man ridiculed for marrying Filipino woman ‘too hot’ for him
An American man has taken to TikTok to respond to trolls who claim his Filipino wife is out of his league. 
Married couple Scott and Divine have been the subject of ridicule by TikTok commenters since they created an account on the short-form video-sharing platform together in 2021.
The pair started their relationship on Facebook in 2017 after Divine, a woman from the Philippines, mistakenly messaged Scott, a man from Houston, Texas.
In a video uploaded by YouTube channel Truly, Divine shared that she was trying to send a message to a different person, and Scott admitted that he took the opportunity to get to know the woman who messaged him. 

Their conversations blossomed into a long-distance relationship that saw Scott fly from Texas to the Philippines a number of times. They got engaged in 2017, eventually married and are now living together in the U.S. 
Among the nasty messages they receive from online trolls are insinuations that Divine only married Scott to get a visa to live in America or because of his perceived wealth.
The couple admits it can be hurtful when people write comments such as, “She’s just here for her green card.”
Many also directly insult Scott over his appearance, with commenters telling him his wife is just “too hot” for him. 
Scott, whose appearance has been morphed by a chronic autoimmune disease called scleroderma, says, “Because you keep seeing the same thing over and over again. There’s just no effect anymore.”
Using TikTok videos, the pair respond to commenters by educating them, showing them that their relationship is authentic and having a fun time interacting with them.
In response to a commenter who wrote, “ur lucky u even pulled her,” the couple uploaded a clip of them dancing, with some overlapping text that read: “We are actually both lucky that we found each other.”
In another video, the couple listed the “weirdest questions” they received from online commenters, ranging from “Are you a real couple?” to “Are you sexually active?”
The couple responded gamely with witty remarks to combat the hate with positivity.
Some commenters have started defending the couple from trolls and providing them messages of support. 
“They are so cute together,” a commenter wrote. “If they are both happy, that’s what matters!”
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