American English teacher among group arrested in Taiwan for operating an amphetamine factory

American English teacher among group arrested in Taiwan for operating an amphetamine factory
Rebecca Moon
July 27, 2022
A press conference held yesterday revealed that four men, including an American English teacher, were arrested for running an amphetamine factory in Taitung City, Taiwan.
The Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) announced that a tip was received about two Taiwanese men, surnamed Lo and Chen, who had previously been arrested last year for producing narcotics in Pingtung County. The men purportedly ran another operation in Taitung City after being released and recruited an American English teacher, surnamed Lin. 
The group allegedly used a bar owned by Lin to produce amphetamines as it concealed odors and avoided suspicion due to its location in the middle of an urban area. Lo and Chen also believed that Lin’s schedule as a teacher would not attract unwanted attention. 
A special task force led by the MJIB discovered that Lin would drive back and forth between the bar and a warehouse that was storing drug-making equipment. Lin was also allegedly helping to transport narcotics and equipment with the others. 
Officers raided the bar on March 11 as well as a container warehouse storing semi-finished products. Members of the task force broke through a window on the second floor of the bar and found the group of men lying on a sofa.
Four suspects were arrested, and 1,159 grams (approximately 2.5 pounds) of amphetamines, 9,603 grams (21 pounds) of semi-finished products and a large haul of drug manufacturing equipment as well as raw materials were seized. Investigators believe that Lo was the mastermind behind the operation.
The Pingtung District Prosecutors Office has indicted all four suspects on violation of the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act. They are currently being detained incommunicado. 
Featured Image via TVBS
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