American Couple Sparks Outrage in Thailand After Taking Lewd Photos at Sacred Temples

An American gay couple is under fire in Thailand after showing off their butts in photos of themselves in Buddhist temples.

In an apparent display of either extreme ignorance or willful disrespect, “Joseph” and “Travis” stormed Bangkok’s Wat Arun and Wat Pho, dropping their pants to take pictures.

Thais were immediately outraged after the couple’s pictures went viral.

Netizens wrote (via MGROnline Live and Everything Bangkok on Facebook):

“We’re Thai people. We can’t take this ugly shit. If you want to do whatever you want, go home.”

“They’re like animals with zero knowledge.”

“They’re from a civilized country, but they are the most vile.”

“Some bad Americans know what shouldn’t be done, but they don’t care.”

“Your ass is always an abscess, you idiot.”

“They have AIDS.”

“Attention-seeking faggots.”

“Trying so hard to look cool but actually ending up looking like a pervert with dirty filthy asses, disrespecting the glory of monuments. I wish some other sperm would’ve won.”

via Facebook user Korkiet Sripongphand

The pair also received grim threats:

“You can die.”

“There’s a gun behind your back.”

“Go to hell.”

Others questioned the presence of local police and wanted the couple to be banned from entering Thailand.

Joseph and Travis, going by @traveling_butts on Instagram, have since deactivated their account, leaving more than 14,000 followers.

What do you think of the gay couple’s behavior?

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