American Couple Tries to Eat Durian Only to Realize It Was Actually Rotten

American Couple Tries to Eat Durian Only to Realize It Was Actually Rotten
Bryan Ke
July 30, 2018
An American couple known online as The B Family tried to eat a whole durian fruit, also known as the “World’s Smelliest Fruit,” but had no idea that they got one that was already rotten.
The clip, which was posted on their YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago, shows the couple preparing themselves as they show off the fruit to their viewers.
Before jumping into it, the couple examined the fruit and saw a crack on its surface. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a bit of slimy juice coming out of it. Instead of ignoring it, Corey B gave it a whiff, and the smell made him gag.
The B Family first tried to eat a durian-flavored candy that they bought before eating the actual fruit, but even the sweet treat disgusted them.
Corey B finally opened the durian, but netizens in the comment section of their Facebook post immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the fruit.
One user posted a photo of a real fresh durian, which did not resemble the couple’s fruit at all.
Another Facebook user also pointed out how the peel looks “black and moldy.”
The clueless couple still ate the rotten fruit, and unsurprisingly, Corey threw up.
Aside from being the “World’s Smelliest Fruit,” durian is also considered by many Southeast Asians as the region’s “King of the Fruits.”
Images via YouTube / The B Family
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