Naruto Cosplayer’s Life ‘Changed’ After Finding Costume Hack on Amazon

An Amazon user left everyone in stitches after sharing a story on how they bought a large number of sex toys as part of their “Naruto” cosplay. Disclaimer, the item is of NSFW content.

The hilarious review was shared online by Twitter user @RiahPeaches, according to Comicbook.

In the post, the Twitter user shared a screenshot of a review made by Amazon user Caz in 2017 about a black, triangular butt plug. Caz bought the sex toy as an alternative for a kunai — a throwing weapon commonly associated with ninjas.

“I originally bought these for a Naruto cosplay because they don’t allow real weapons at Anime Boston,” Caz wrote in the Amazon review. “They look like real kunai! Thankfully, no one seemed to notice that I was walking around with a dozen or so butt plugs strapped to my legs.”

One event attendee noticed the “kunai,” but didn’t say anything to Caz.

The Amazon user ended up ordering more for their LARPing — or Live-Action Role-Playing — events.

“These things actually have pretty good balance when thrown and usually land on the point, plus they don’t hurt when you get hit by them. They’re basically nerf ninja weapons.”

Image Screenshot via Amazon

Things, however, did turn very sexual in the later part of the review. Caz described the sex toys as “great, reasonably priced, versatile products.”

“Would I recommend this to a friend? Believe it!” he closed.

Featured Image Screenshots (left) @RiahPeaches, (right) via Anime Heaven

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