Amazon Vendor Uses Racial Slur ‘Chinaman’ to Describe Products

Bristol Novelty, a third-party online store in Amazon, is receiving backlash for using a racial slur in one of their product names. 

In one of their ads on Amazon, the online store describes one product – a costume of a Chinese-themed hat with a fake pigtail – as a “Chinaman hat with pigtail.”

Screenshot via Amazon

The term “Chinaman” is not exactly a welcomed term, according to AsAm News. This has long been considered as a racial slur by Asians.

This term denotes a Chinese person or a Chinese national, and in some cases, it is used as an indiscriminate term for a person from East Asia.

But the pigtail hat is just one of the problems Bristol Novelty have to face when it comes to naming their products. After doing a light search, it turns out that Bristol Novelty has more products with the same racial slur for its name, this one is called the “Chinaman Tash,” which is a moustache plastered to a piece of cardboard with a racially insensitive depiction of a Chinese person.

Screenshot via Amazon

The same description and product names can also be found on the company’s official website.

This isn’t the first time Amazon got into trouble with racist accusations. Last year, the online giant retail store was called out for allowing a third-party to post an ad depicting a Caucasian wearing a traditional Chinese outfit while doing the slant-eye gesture with the product named, “Chinese Boy Fancy Dress Costume.”

The company, which is based Universal House, Pennywell Road, Bristol, United Kingdom has yet to release any statement regarding the naming of their products.

Featured image screenshot via Amazon

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