Couple Rescues a Two-Legged Stray Dog Who Suffered on the Streets For 10 Years

Amaze-Bobb is a stray dog who lived in the streets of Los Angeles for 10 years without any care. Fortunately, he was rescued and nursed back to health by Synergy, a non-profit rehabilitation clinic in San Diego, California.

When Bobb first got in, he was in terrible shape. Two of his legs had been self-amputated due to the tightly matted fur that cut off circulation. His prior owners were homeless people who never groomed him.

After shaving his fur, his rotting teeth were pulled. 

From there, his rehabilitation began. 

He was fostered by a couple nearby to help him rest and recover. 

His hair grew back fast!

The couple wanted to adopt Bobb, but they unfortunately lived in Colorado. They wrote on Bored Panda: “My husband and I had fallen in love with Bobb but we were getting ready to move to Colorado. Bobb went back to Carla. We visited them a few times and talked to her about how we wished we could adopt him. She said we’d work something out, and the excitement began.”

While the rehabilitation center was working out arrangements to get Bobb to Colorado, he went to visit special needs kids. 

Unfortunately, Bobb got very sick due to an abscess shortly after and almost passed away. 

But he proved to be a tremendous fighter and made a full recovery. 

Currently, Bobb is living with his family out in Colorado with his two new husky buddies, Kaytu and Denali. 

“His story is about strength, survival, fighting, and making the best of what you’re given”

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