Alt-Right Bro Praises ‘Western’ Sculpture, Gets Destroyed When it’s Actually By an Asian Artist

Back in October of last year, Ivan Throne, came across a beautiful work of art and decided to share it on Twitter.

image via Instagram/luo_li_rong_art

As he posted the image, he added his thoughts, polluting the artwork with his sexist and politically charged comment.

In his caption and subsequent comments, Throne indicates he is initially under the assumption that only “men of the West” are able to create such brilliant sculptures.

However,  someone quickly pointed out that the sculpture was made neither by a man, or someone from the West. Twitter was quick to not let him forget about his mistake:

The actual sculptor behind it is a female Chinese artist named Luo Li Rong who is known to create life-size bronze sculptures of women.

image via Instagram/luo_li_rong_art

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Beijing, Luo is a renowned artist who showcased her sculpting prowess in the 2008 Olympics which featured her work.

Twitter continued to exploit Throne’s humiliating blunder:

And the burn sizzled on:

However posted another tweet making it appear that he didn’t mess up the first time:

…hinting that it was his intention to trigger SJWs all along:

But no one was buying it:


Feature image via instagram/luo_li_rong_art

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