Furry Alpacas Fighting in Japan Will Melt Your Heart

alpacas fighting

Two alpacas at the Animal Friendship Center inside Ikutopia Shoku Hana Park in Niigata, Japan prove that these creatures are adorable even when they are mad or fighting.

The fight between the two alpacas was captured and shared online by Japanese Twitter user @nn930310, according to SoraNews24.

The clip was first posted on November 2 and has already been viewed 1.39 million times as of this writing.

A staff member at the center was present when the fight broke out between the two animals. She immediately stood between the two and to defuse the fight.

But there was still some tension between the two troublemakers as the white alpaca just could not stop giving the brown alpaca the stink-eye.

In the end, the two alpacas did not get into any more trouble to save themselves from getting scolded by the staff.

Twitter users were transfixed by the comical way the adorably vicious creatures attacked each other, especially how their head “bobbled around.”


“I like watching their little heads bobble around.”

“Alpacas really aren’t designed for fighting.”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

“It’s probably because that space is too small for so many alpacas.”

“It’s like watching two-bit otaku fight.”

“They’re showing amazing restraint by not spitting on each other.”

“That takes me back to high school.”

“Pfft, they fight like okapis.”

Featured Image via Twitter / nn930310

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