Ally Maki is the First Asian American Woman Cast in ‘Toy Story’

Ally Maki, who voices Giggle McDimples in “Toy Story 4,” was shocked when she found out that she was the first Asian American woman to join the franchise.

The 32-year-old actress couldn’t believe she became a part of the animated film that she has loved since she was a child.


“Toy Story” first came out in theaters when Maki was only 9.

You guys know you hired an ultimate fangirl? I don’t know if this is going to be good or bad for you, but I’m going to be all over just freaking out every single day!” she said, according to Awards Circuit.

Maki’s excitement grew when she discovered that she was the first Asian American woman to become a part of the “Toy Story” universe.

I mean, not only just as an actress in the film and a woman in the film, but as an Asian American female within this universe,” she told The Nerds of Color. “I mean, as of today, they were telling me that you’re the first ever Asian American female within the entire [Toy Story] universe and to me that was so mind blowing and it’s so much to process, but it means so much to be personally. As a fan of the films, someone that is in the film, it’s just a lot.”

To me, that’s what it’s all about,” she said about the importance of being cast to play Giggles McDimples, who is described as a “toy with no ethnicity.”

That is why I started Asian American Girl Club because I felt like the next phase of this is the normalization of Asian American females within the world, you know,” Maki added. “We’re not just this and that or that we’re hired because we’re Asian, but we just are. We’re humans. We’re like everybody else. We have our own identities. Our own multifaceted stories and upbringings and backgrounds.”

“Toy Story 4” is now playing in theaters.

Featured Images Screenshot via YouTube / Pixar (Left), Instagram / allymaki (Right)

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