Alleged North Korean Assassin’s ‘LOL’ Shirt Briefly Goes on Sale for $1,000 in China

When the footage of the alleged assassin of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother was released, the internet noticed (and feasted on) the suspect’s eye-catching shirt which bore the phrase “LOL”, an acronym for laughing out loud.

In less than a day, it became so popular on social media that one online store from China immediately placed a replica of it up for sale, Mashable reported.

For a whopping 6,324 yuan (around $922), China’s e-commerce site Taobao marketed the shirt as: “North Korea female who assassinated Kim Jong nam’s T-shirt”. The ironic shirt, which was made available in five sizes, enjoyed a brief appearance online on Wednesday before it was later taken down.

The woman who wore the shirt was identified as a 28-year-old Vietnamese national named Doan Thi Huong. She is currently being detained in Malaysia for the murder of Kim Jong-nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Reports indicated that she and an accomplice attacked the exiled North Korean as he was waiting to board a plane in the Malaysian airport. A second woman was also been arrested.

While the official test results have not been released, it was widely circulated that he was killed by poisoned needles.

Kim had criticized his family’s control of North Korea in the past, and at times called Kim Jong-un’s leadership “a joke.” His alleged killer may or may not have intentionally worn the shirt as a cruel joke. Somewhere out there, a chubby leader may be thinking to himself: “Who’s laughing now? LOL.”

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