Russian Instagrammer Sparks Outrage Over Incredibly Racist ‘All Lives Matter’ Photo

all lives matter

A Russian Instagram user is facing massive backlash over a photo that expressed her support for “All Lives Matter”.

Regarded as critical of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, the “All Lives Matter” slogan argues that everyone — regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity and other considerations — is equally important.

Ekaterina Pecherskaya, who has 6,000 followers on Instagram, recently posted a photo of herself holding an “All Lives Matter” sign.

What made the picture more controversial — if not worse — however, is the presence of a man donning blackface and a child making the “ch*nk-eye” gesture.

Image Screenshot via @pechenka_amg

It’s unclear whether the man and the child are related to Pecherskaya, who deleted the post following an initial wave of backlash.

In her bio, Pecherskaya describes herself as a “popular blogger,” while her feed mostly features travel, fitness and fashion photos.

Image Screenshot via @pechenka_amg

While the controversial post is gone, Instagram users have continued to respond with critical comments under Pecherskaya’s latest photos.

“Apologize for being racist,” one demanded.

Another suggested: “Deleting your feelings is freeing. Try your account.”

“Understand that your house is not burning down! Black people’s lives are at stake here and have been at stake,” another chimed in. “So no, we are not holding signs for All Lives, we are holding signs for Black Lives.”

Read other comments below:

Feature Image via @pechenka_amg

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