Chef Who Designed Food in ‘Always be My Maybe’ Earns 2 Michelin Stars

Always Be My Maybe” star Ali Wong recently took to her social media to congratulate Niki Nakayama, the owner of upscale Japanese restaurant n/naka that specializes in modern kaiseki cuisine in Los Angeles, for her two-star Michelin award.

This is a very big deal! Congrats my hilarious and brilliant sister!!!!!” Wong wrote in her Instagram post.

Nakayama, who appeared in Netflix’s “Chef’s Table,” specifically in season one episode four, is known for her kaiseki style cuisine, which is a multi-course traditional Japanese dinner.


The 37-year-old comedian also shared some interesting facts about Nakayama. She said in her Instagram post that the 44-year-old chef, along with her wife and sous chef, Carole Iida, designed some of the food that were featured in the hit Netflix rom-com movie “Always Be My Maybe” where Wong plays as a celebrity chef.

Featured image via Instagram / nikinakayama, (inset) via Instagram / aliwong

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