Ali Wong Has a Brilliant Hack For Why Her Glasses Always Look So Good

We can all agree that Ali Wong is one of the most brilliant comedians out there, but we were all probably surprised after learning that she’s also one of the most epic life-hackers – specifically speaking, the secret behind the iconic glasses she always wears in her stand-up and series/movies.

It turns out, most – if not all – of Wong’s glasses are actually sunglasses that she converted into prescription glasses, according to BuzzFeed. I know!

But while that may come as a huge surprise, this bit of information has actually been out there for years now. In November 2016, a commenter in Wong’s Reddit AMA revealed that the 37-year-old comedian’s glasses was part of the Barton Perreira Valerie 2013 collection.

This comment was also backed and supported by the brand’s official tweet in 2014.

These are the glasses in question – the ones that Wong converted into prescription glasses.


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And this is what the original looked like.


Unfortunately, for those who would like to get their hands on a pair of these sunglasses, the company has already been discontinued for years now.

Nevertheless, this is still a great idea and one that will surely open many other possibilities for people who are looking for awesome frames for their prescription glasses.

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