Man Sues Fiancee For $20,000 After Seeing Her Without Make-up For the First Time

One man in Algeria apparently believes that people can (and should) only be beautiful on the outside.

Only one day after their wedding, a man took his new bride to court for not looking as pretty as she did before they got married, according to Emirates247. What changed? He  saw her without makeup and freaked out.

The man told the court in the capital city of Algiers that he was shocked when his wife looked looked so different without makeup the morning after the wedding. He explained he almost didn’t recognize her and almost thought she was a “thief who came to steal his apartment” after she had washed her makeup off.

He continued to explain that his wife was beautiful with makeup on before the wedding, but he was deceived and even frightened to see her without it.

He is now suing her for $20,000 in damages due to “psychological suffering.”

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