Massachusetts man accused of tampering with young women’s cars so he could offer them rides home

alexander yee

Police in Massachusetts have arrested a man accused of tampering with young women’s cars and subsequently offering to drive them home.

Alexander Yee, 38, from Winchendon, was charged with destruction of property. Additional charges are expected during his arraignment in Milford District Court on Wednesday.

Over the weekend, Massachusetts police departments in the towns of Milford, Holliston, Franklin, Bellingham and Medway called attention to the man’s activities and urged the public to exercise caution when parking or walking to their vehicles.

The suspect, described to be in his late 30s, drove a blue Chevrolet Impala with Massachusetts license plates, according to the authorities.

Milford police said Yee admitted to pouring juice in a woman’s gas tank in a Target parking lot.

Yee, who was wearing a GPS tracker when he was arrested and during the Target incident, was on probation for a separate charge, according to police.

“He has been targeting young females by flattening their tires, filling their gas tanks with water, [then] offering to drive them home,” Milford police posted on Facebook on Friday. “If your vehicle has a flat tire DO NOT try and start it.”

Aside from a ride, the suspect may have also offered help in the form of a battery pack or an air compressor, according to Holliston police.

“As in all situations, be aware that individuals offering help may have in fact been involved in orchestrating the situation. If your car becomes disabled, wait in a safe place for a friend, family member, or AAA to respond,” Holliston police warned.

Franklin, Bellingham and Medway Police Departments all made similar announcements.

Franklin police reported sightings of the man in the town on Friday afternoon. Bellingham police informed the public of a tampering incident in the Charles River Center and urged the public to park in well-lit areas.


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