Meet the TikTok Star Who Turns Knock Off Luxury Bags Into Awesome Outfits

Alexa Jade

Alexa Jade is a 29-year-old LA-based Filipino creator who has been gaining popularity on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram for her skills making incredible DIY outfits out of fake luxury bags.

Popularly known for her Nava Rose Youtube channel, the social media rising star’s unique take on thrift flipping has impressed everyone, with many of her videos going viral.

Among Alexa’s viral hits is a video of her transforming a fake Louis Vuitton duffel bag into an entire outfit.

@the.navaroseMe shamelessly wearing fake LV in the Louis Vuitton store & having a mini photoshoot is the type of energy I need everyday ##springdiy ##mystyle♬ Ride Or Die – From “Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack” – Megan Thee Stallion & VickeeLo

She also made a harness, a crop top and upgraded a simple skirt using fake Gucci items.


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who’s ready for the last diy tutorial of the year?! video will be up on NYE ✨ ps. gucci don’t kill me

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Alexa also buys cheap clothes at Walmart and transforms them into stunning designs.


In an interview with Vogue, Alexa revealed she learned to sew at home at a young age.

“I was always creating, but didn’t start using a sewing machine until middle school because big machines scared me,” she said.

Aside from doing DIY clothing videos, Alexa also creates popular style guides.

Her suggestions for chic monochromatic outfits has so far generated over 3 million views on TikTok. 

@the.navaroseit was my girl @iammadisonrose’s birthday so wanted to show her new song some love! 🌈🦋 ##mystyle ##tiktokfashion ##monochrome ##outfits♬ rainbow phone – Madison Rose

Alexa has accumulated over two million followers on TikTok, while her YouTube subscribers have reached the million mark.


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Think that #TikTok is just for dances and dubs dressed in sweats? Well, fashion blogger Nava Rose (@thenavarose) proves otherwise! This Filipino Hawaii-based vlogger brings her Instagrammable aesthetic to TikTok, and her content isn’t limited to OOTDs, either. Her profile is a platform for her quick DIY fashion hacks that have resulted in her own crafting segment on EllenTube! PH represent! #NavaRoseLovesPreview #PreviewLovesTikTok⁠ ⁠ This May we dissect what makes #TikTok tick (pun intended), and how it’s become the global phenomenon it is today. Trust us when we say that there’s more to this DIY video machine than dubs and dance trends. ⁠ ⁠ Produced by Maura Rodriguez⁠ Co-produced by Nicole Cruz⁠ Art Direction by Bacs Arcebal⁠ Fashion Direction by Maura Rodriguez and Nicole Cruz⁠ Beauty Direction by Nicole Arcano⁠ Video animation by Bacs Arcebal (Maureen, Yanyan, Fynest China, Navarose, and Ylona), Mart Francisco (Maureen, David, and Laureen), and Carlo Maala (Camille)⁠ Words by Nicole Cruz

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According to Alexa, her video-creating process usually starts with her picking a song, choosing which outfits to feature and then simply start shooting.

“Usually my ideas randomly pop into my mind,” she said. “I’m always thinking of outfits and styling, so most of the time I’m thinking, How can I make this into an outfit? That is how my Disney Princess styling video was born. However, recently I’ve been doing more videos that my followers request. I love them so much, so what they ask, they shall receive.” 

Alexa has also starred in a segment on Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube channel called Nava on the Fly.


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