YouTuber Travels 5,280 Miles to Meet a Female Fan

YouTuber Travels 5,280 Miles to Meet a Female FanYouTuber Travels 5,280 Miles to Meet a Female Fan
Alex Woo, the YouTuber behind the channel AwkwardSinceBirth, is melting the hearts of his fans after going the extra mile to meet a female subscriber in South Korea as he livestreams his day with her.
This date is part of the “prize” that he set up when he decided to hold a Female Viewer Beauty Contest about six months ago, as Woo recaps in the video he posted on April 5. He traveled from California to South Korea to meet her.
In the livestream recording, which was edited and runs for over 16 minutes, Woo documents the time he had with his subscriber, Cara, during their tour throughout many places in South Korea. They went for a stroll, checked some places out, and ate at a Korean restaurant.
And of course, since they both look so sweet with each other, fans couldn’t help but ask the two some personal questions like for example if Cara sees Alex as a boyfriend type.
Her reply? She said, “He’s cute.”
To be fair, they both look like they were on a date. Like a real date DATE.
Plus you got to admit, they both look so cute together.
Watch the full video and prepare to grin a lot.
Images screenshot via YouTube / Awkward Since Birth
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