Australian Comedian Who Mocked BTS Has a History of Racist, Sexist and Violent Tweets

A dedicated ARMY has uncovered a wealth of questionable tweets by Alex Williamson, the Australian comedian whose comments on BTS and their fans had trolls sending death threats to his girlfriend.

In a Twitter thread posted on June 19, user @rkivecherry described Williamson as “a racist, predator, misogynist and a complete moron,” sharing dozens of his tweets dating back to 2012.

“Has anyone tried being nice and actually listening to Indian telemarketer offers? I just got two Asian slave children for the price of one!” Williamson said in a tweet from August 2012.

In another tweet, he claimed, “‘Once you go black you’ll never go back,’ it’s true aye, I was raped by a black man tonight and now I’m in his basement and will probs die here.”

Aside from racist comments, Williamson had an abundance of misogynistic remarks targeting women.

“Been yelling ‘filthy sl*t’ at every girl I see reading 50 Shades of Grey in public lately,” he said in one.

“The words ‘you got beaten by a girl’ can haunt a man for life, even if it’s just a pie eating contest against some fat lesbian. #still hurts,” he wrote in another.

The comedian specifically targeted Asian women as well:

“The most liked photo on Instagram everyday is always some hot as f**k 16-year-old Asian chick leaning against a wall. #nothingcancompete.”

“Would probs do Big Brother if Friday night challenge was ‘urinate on as many Asian hookers as you can in 40 seconds.’ That’s just me though.”

The exhibit of more appalling tweets goes on:

“#IfIWasJustinBieber I would slay an unhealthy amount of underage women.”

“Geez I really don’t wanna be one of those fathers that f**ks their daughter constantly but I just know I will be lol.”

“Showing kids porn as a means of sex education is effective up until the point they think pregnancy occurs when you unload on a chick’s face.”

The massive amount of such tweets from Williamson had @rkivecherry thinking how he, as a verified account, had gone unchecked all these years.

Williamson, who has since declared “victory” over the legions of ARMYs, maintains that his issue with BTS is not about race, but about the notion that “boybands are a gimmick.”

ARMYs are now determined to end Williamson’s career — if it ever actually existed, according to some — for every offensive word he has said.

A petition demands his immediate termination from employer Frontier Touring, part of the Mushroom Group.

Featured Images via Twitter / @AlexWilliamson8

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