Former Sorority Girl Reveals the Shocking Culture That Made Her Quit

A former sorority member at Syracuse University explained in a revealing video why she decided to leave her sisterhood.
Alex Purdy, 21, is a senior on campus and pledged for her unnamed sorority during her freshmen year. Last semester she made the decision to leave the Greek life for good.
Purdy, a public relations major, uploaded her telling video, “Why I left my Sorority,” to Youtube on Jan. 27. Her video has received nearly 55,000 views.
She said her main objective is to spark conversation regarding the mission statements and original intention behind sororities. She declined to name any fraternities or sororities in the video and claimed that her remarks are purely her own opinions.
Purdy originally joined a sorority to find a close-knit community of friends after high school. While rushing, she was attracted to the sororities’ advertisements of lifelong friendships and an active support network. However, over time she grew disillusioned with her sorority’s fixation on superficial aspects of Greek life such as appearances, status and rank.
According to the Daily Dot, Purdy’s video has been received with messages of support and encouragement from peers. She told the Dot:
“There’s been people who reached out saying they had a similar experience. But there’s also people who’ve spoken out saying they didn’t, but they still support the message and recognize that it still goes on at some places. So that’s really encouraging, because it shows that although not everyone experienced it, they recognize that we can all get behind the cause to make a positive change.”
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