British Pedophile Successfully Changes His Name and Continues Teaching Kids in Thailand

British Pedophile Successfully Changes His Name and Continues Teaching Kids in Thailand

November 11, 2016
After being deported back to the U.K. for molesting children, convicted pedophile Alan Smith was recently discovered to have returned back in Thailand several times under new names and passports. The most disturbing part of it: he has also been back teaching kids.
The 62-year-old child molester reportedly assumed a fake identity and returned to Thailand using newly acquired passports, reported The SunSmith was able to return to teaching Thai kids after successfully changing his name twice, acquiring new passports in the names Allan Howson-Burton and Alan Trevor Stewart.
A couple of photos surfaced with him around kids: one with him carrying a schoolgirl in his arms and another surrounded with a bunch of kids in a class photo.
In 2005, Smith was jailed six months for molesting a 14-year-old girl. The charge landed him on the U.K. sex offenders’ registry. Just two years after he served his short sentence, he resurfaced in Thailand with a teaching position at a Buddhist school.
After being discovered to be using fake references in his CV, he was kicked out of the country. It became obvious later, however, that he intentionally lied just to secure jobs wherein he could be in contact with kids aged 10 to 15 years old.
After another recent deportation caused by his overstaying in Thailand without a visa, the British pedophile was interviewed by The Sun back in the U.K.:
“My students all loved me very much, in a Thai sense, and asked me to pose for innocent pictures,” Smith said. “They were just affectionate students. I know changing my name looked a bit dodgy but I didn’t want to get arrested again.”
He explained that his passports were indeed legal, although he acquired them after changing his name twice. Having two passports with different names and numbers allowed him to enter Thailand and get himself hired to teach in schools freely, like a non-pedophile could.
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