High School Students Perform Epic Japanese Version Of ‘Friend Like Me’ from ‘Aladdin’

The live-action adaptation of the popular Disney movie ‘Aladdin’ has become such a hit in Japan that the company organized a Japanese version and music video for the hit song “Friend Like Me” in the most spectacular way.


Instead of using clips from the live-action “Aladdin” movie, Disney opted to feature Tomioka High School’s dance club and Kyoto Meitoku High School’s marching band as the lead stars of the “Friend Like Me” Japanese music video, according to SoraNews24.


The clip started off as a typical day in a high school classroom in Japan. But as soon as the class starts, things started to turn into one heck of a performance with the dance group busting out their moves as the marching band demonstrates their impeccable synchronization skills while playing their instruments.

Then, at the end of the more than three-minutes clip, the “Friend Like Me” music video reminds everyone that friends are always there for us, as said by SoraNews24.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / ディズニー・スタジオ公式

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