Derpy Akita Inu Visits the Beach for the First Time, Doesn’t Understand Water


A Japanese puppy is going viral on Twitter for his incredibly derpy reaction after feeling the sea for the first time ever.

Fuji, a five-year-old Akita Inu, was a little reluctant to go near the beach at first. As seen in the first picture, he refuses to budge while his owner pulls him towards the beach.

After a while, Fuji managed to relax, and began to enjoy the new views and surroundings.

His serenity was abruptly cut short when he finally decided to stroll near the shore and get his feet wet, only to experience perhaps the biggest freak out of his life.

And freak out he did.

Japanese netizens loved Fuji’s reaction to the water, and quickly spawned a reaction meme out of it, according to Grapee.

A couple of netizens even shared the same experience they had with their own pooch during their visit to the beach.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / akita_fuji

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