Akita Inu Honored For Being a Good Boy and Saving Elderly Woman During Walk

An Akita Inu was honored by the Japanese police force after heroically saving an elderly woman during a walk with its owner late last month.

Mame, a 12-year-old Akita Inu, was out on a walk with its owner on March 23 when it found a woman slumped on the road in Senboku, Akita prefecture, Japan, according to a police report via The Straits Times.


After discovering the elderly woman, whose name was not revealed but is believed to be in her 90s, Mame quickly alerted its owner. Upon contact, the woman could not provide any information about her identity including her name or address.

The dog owner later notified the staff at a nearby convenience store, who called the police for assistance. The elderly woman was then taken to the hospital to be checked out.

On April 1, both Mame and its owner were given a certificate of appreciation for their efforts in saving the elderly woman.

The Japanese police also commended the dog for how it dealt with the situation appropriately, and noted that the honor for distinguished service is rarely given to a pet dog.

Akita Inus are just one of the six breeds of dogs that are being recognized by the Japanese government as “national treasures.” The others are: Shiba Inu, Japanese Terrier, Japanese Spitz, Japanese Mastiff / Tosa Inu, and Shikoku Ken.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons / Dllu (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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