Taiwanese Political Party Elects Sexy Model as a Delegate to Entice Youth Support

Taiwanese Political Party Elects Sexy Model as a Delegate to Entice Youth Support
Ryan General
May 24, 2017
A popular Taiwanese model has been tapped by a major political party in the Republic of China (ROC) to gain some new followers after significantly dropping in popularity and support in recent years.
Kuomintang (KMT), currently Taiwan’s second-largest party, is vying for a comeback and it is pinning its hopes on 28-year-old stunner Akina Li Tzu-yu who has been recently elected as a party delegate in the city of Hsinchu in northern Taiwan.
According to Shanghaiist, the delegate, described to have the beauty in the caliber of Fan Bingbing and Ivy Chen, is the goddaughter of the KMT party’s outgoing chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu.
The move to elect Li was to reportedly reach out to a younger demographic. With over 100,000 Facebook followers, Li may already have a head start in being able to reach out to the masses.
In recent years, the support of the Taiwanese youth has shifted toward the Democratic Progress Party (DPP) after KMT’s previous efforts to promoting stronger ties with Beijing have not been popular.
Last year, the century-old KMT suffered a crushing defeat after it lost both the presidency and parliament seats, leaving the party in need for some change. Will Li help in bringing about the shake-up the party desperately needs?  
Li was quoted by Taiwan News in a recent Facebook post:
“The DPP does not have a monopoly on love for Taiwan, if people are born and raised Taiwanese, don’t they all love Taiwan? I say that the party imbalance is not the blessing of the Taiwanese people, the KMT needs more young people to keep moving forward. Taiwanese people want stability!”
Former Taiwan vice president and KMT’s new chairman Wu Den-yih, has expressed his eagerness to rebuild the party, citing the need to entice the support of the younger generation. 
Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed his support via a letter to Wu indicating that he hopes his party will continue to firmly oppose “Taiwan independence” and adhere to the 1992 Consensus which accepts a “One China Principle.”
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