The Man Who Ellen Pao Accused of Sexual Harrasment is Vandalizing My Website

Editor’s Note: Editor’s Note: Mahbod Moghadam is a co-founder of Genius (formerly Rap Genius). The opinions expressed in this piece are solely his own.
In the early days of Everipedia, the first page that started getting a lot of random traffic was Ajit Nazre’s. Weird right? Ajit Nazre, in case you don’t remember, is the Kleiner Perkins partner who was hitting skins with Ellen Pao and made her feel super uncomfortable, leading to her lawsuit against the shady-ass VC firm.
It was crazy! He was the first famous person whose page was getting a lot of traffic — when you would Google his name, Everipedia was the top result! The craziest part was, we were pretty sure HE had made his own page — the email used to set up the account was his email and his Everipedia page was linked on his website. He was our first celebrity user, and even though he is a shady dude, we were happy about it. We even gave Ajit a “verified account”!
Now, I’m trying to get this fucker banned from Everipedia. My cofounders won’t do it — yet — but Ajit is fucking pissing me off. He has vandalized his own page, as well as Ellen Pao’s page, KPCB’s page and several others, over and over again. The purpose of his vandalism is to erase news of his affair with Ellen. He doesn’t add any interesting information; he just adds shitty spam links. Recently, he’s also begun attempting to delete links about his sexual affair with Ellen Pao!
This, in my opinion, is the last straw. Adding bullshit is one thing — I can just delete it — but deleting relevant information ought to be a crime! This man is not only a misogynistic philanderer, he is an internet vandal, a liar and a criminal.
What Ajit doesn’t seem to understand is that he will never get away with such vandalism. Every user of Everipedia is aware of what he’s trying to do because we see his dirty shenanigans on the front page of the site! (see below)
Needless to say, now that he’s attempting to pull such fucked up tricks on my site, I am turning vehemently anti-Ajit. I don’t care how much traffic he’s bringing to my site — this fucker is acting shady, and I will make sure that the world knows what he’s up to. For example, THIS ARTICLE (that I am writing right now) will surely be linked on his Everipedia page! Who knows, maybe we will even add a “delete-proof” function to make sure he can never get rid of it.
Ajit: you fuck with me, you pay the consequences. I love Ellen Pao — she’s one of my heroes. I think it’s terrible that you still have a job after what you did to her. You seem to think that, because you have fled to India and taken a cushy corporate job, you are “above the law” — but YOU AIN’T ABOVE THE LAW DOGGIE! You will get served.
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