Rich Kids With Airpods Can Now Flex Even Harder With a Boba Tea Case

Some say there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who have Airpods, and those who are failing at life. But even still, sometimes having Airpods isn’t enough of a flex by itself. Remember those Airpod earrings? Well, word on the street (a post on Subtle Asian Traits) is that the latest Airpod accessory is a new boba milk tea case.

After a lot of commenters asked, the poster revealed that the boba milk tea case can be bought at TheKawaiiNation for just $14.99.

Is boba milk tea somehow not your thing? Well they also have a darker “Roasted” color and a purple “Taro” cover too!

And for those like me who can’t afford/refuse to wear Airpods, I’ll just be over here enjoying a real boba milk tea and taro bun.

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