Boba to Pandas: 12 AirPod Cases For Literally Everyone On Your List

airpod cases

Help your friends and family show off their unique personalities with clever and cute AirPod cases. 

The hottest tech accessory used to be gachapon Winnie the Pooh keychains in costumes. Although gacahpon never goes out of style, the thing to do in 2020 is to dress up those bland white AirPods cases!

1. The Avocado Toast Lover

Avoca-don’t cha wish you had this?

2. Boba Bae

Yes, these are the new pearls. Milk tea pearls that is!

3. The Modern Minimalist

A chic case, marbled to perfection.

4. Pan Pan

He is a sensitive artist, loves anime, protects his brothers fiercely, and could also be your AirPod case.

5. Hype Beast & Bae

Put the petal to the medal for this one.

6. The Photographer

Put those AirPods away in a snap! 📸

7. The PSL Queen

Venti, please.

8. The Frenchie

A very good boy indeed!

9. The Bedazzled

Image via Urban Outfitters

You’re a star, how could you not shine?

10. Forget Me Not

Image via Urban Outfitters

Simple yet elegant.

11. The Early 2000s

Image via Urban Outfitters

Yo, put that on shuffle.

12. No Face

Totoro-ly cute. 🥺

Editor’s Note: NextShark may get a cut of the sales if you purchase anything above. We got to keep the lights on here somehow.

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