New Apps Let You Sell Your Unused Luggage Space When You Travel

New Apps Let You Sell Your Unused Luggage Space When You Travel
Ryan General
By Ryan General
April 22, 2016
Got some airline luggage space to spare? You can now sell them to interested parties and earn some extra money while on your trip.
Startups Airmule and Grabr offer similar services that allow airline travelers to match their scheduled flights to interested parties who need to use the passengers’ extra space for shipping goods, according to Forbes.
Both apps have strict verification processes for shippers and travelers to ensure security. A rating system similar to Yelp’s will be used to rank users’ integrity.
For both services, the traveler and shipper are the ones who need to coordinate the details for item pickup and delivery. While they are similar in many ways, each app has unique approaches.
With Grabr, travelers make offers to purchase items abroad and then delivers those items to the other party directly by hand.
Airmule, on the other hand, is more focused on shipping. Travelers can post available space in their luggage allocations and prospective shippers will pay for each pound. As additional security, the company requires senders to upload photos of their packages.
Although some customers may feel uncomfortable carrying potentially unknown packages, many may still find the two apps useful as they offer monetization opportunities for budget travelers and a convenient delivery service for shippers.
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