French Woman Caught Trying to Smuggle 4-Year-Old Haitian Child in Her Carry-On Bag

A French woman was caught sneaking a toddler hidden inside a carry-on bag on her flight from Istanbul to Paris on Monday night.
During the flight, a fellow passenger aboard Air France noticed movement inside the woman’s bag and alerted the flight crew immediately, according to Le Figaro. The airline staff opened the bag and found a child inside.
Air France has confirmed that the woman was in the process of adopting the 4-year-old Haitian girl. She reportedly had trouble boarding the second leg of her Istanbul trip when she attempted to bring the child back to France.
She then bought another ticket and hid the child in her bag. After breezing through airport security without being detected, she boarded the plane, took her seat and placed the bag at her feet underneath a blanket. Her secret was exposed when the child started complaining that she needed to go to the bathroom and the other passengers took notice.
The woman and her carry-on child were then transferred to the front of the plane for the remainder of the flight. French police were waiting for them at the airport when the plane landed.
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