Filipina actress needed stitches after eating spicy ramen

Filipina actress needed stitches after eating spicy ramenFilipina actress needed stitches after eating spicy ramen
A freak accident, reportedly caused by eating spicy noodles, resulted in a Filipina celebrity requiring stitches on her forehead. 
A spicy incident: Aiko Melendez, a 45-year-old actress in the Philippines, told in a YouTube video on Wednesday how she suffered a deep concussion and some bruising after feeling nauseous from the Korean ramen she consumed.

  • According to Melendez, she felt sick to her stomach while eating the spicy ramen for the first time.
  • The actress then tried to induce vomiting in order to get rid of the sharpness in her belly. She suddenly felt dizzy, lost her balance and hit her face on the sink.
  • “The next thing I know, I was already lying on the floor,” Melendez shared in a mix of Filipino and English.
  • Her family ran over and saw her with blood gushing all over her face.
  • She was rushed to the hospital to get treated for her wounds.

Clarifying issues: Melendez said she came forward with the information to avoid rumors developing about her injuries.
  • She mentioned rumors floating on social media that were allegedly implicating her in a fight or a beating.
  • The actress also expressed concern about what effect the large facial wound will have on her career. Fortunately, her cosmetic surgeon has already assured her that it is possible to remove any scar from the incident.
  • Melendez said she is still thankful that she did not sustain an eye or head injury.
The actress began her career in the ‘80s. She now has over 70 movie and television credits under her name on IMDB.
Featured Image via Aiko Melendez
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