‘Clock Kid’ is Now Suing the City and School District for $15 Million in Damages

‘Clock Kid’ is Now Suing the City and School District for $15 Million in Damages
Editorial Staff
November 23, 2015
Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed received international media attention this year after he was arrested in Irving, Texas, for bringing a clock he built at home to school.
The young teenager subsequently received invitations from politicians and leaders in business and tech who reached out to Mohamed to offer support. Among those supporters are Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama.
Now attorneys for the high school student’s family are taking legal action against the city of Irving and the Irving School District. The Mohamed family is seeking $15 million for the physical and mental anguish the ordeal had caused them, reports KHOU. The letters sent to the city and school district accuse the defendants of violating Mohamed’s civil rights as he was singled out “because of his race, national origin, and religion.”
The attorneys demand $10 million worth of damages to be paid to the family by the city of Irving and $5 million by the city school district. The Mohamed family are also requesting formal apologies be made by Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne “acknowledging that she has never been presented with any evidence that Ahmed was a ‘pawn’ in any ‘civilization jihad’ or that the events here were planned by Ahmed’s family or friends as part of an ‘influence operation.”
A demand for an apology from the school district and Police Chief Larry Boyd admitting that Mohamed “never intended to threaten anyone, and that his detention, interrogation, and arrest were wrongful and were made at a point in time when there was no reasonable suspicion to believe that Ahmed had committed a crime or was about to commit any crime” was also made.  
The letter addressed to the city of Irving reads:
“Ahmed never threatened anyone, never caused harm to anyone, and never intended to. The only one who was hurt that day as Ahmed, and the damages he suffered were not because of oversight or incompetence. The school and city officials involved knew what they needed to do to protect Ahmed’s rights. They just decided not to do it.”
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