Man Arrested For Spree of Brutal Attacks Targeting Asian Women in San Francisco

A man in San Francisco, California has been arrested by local authorities for targeting multiple Asian women in a series of attacks that have been classified as a hate crime.

The suspect identified as 19-year-old Agustin Garcia, is now under the custody of San Francisco police. He is facing a hate crime allegation and felony charges of assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury, battery with serious injuries, terrorist threats, and attempted kidnapping.

Officers from the Bayview precinct of the SFPD launched its investigation in August after a series of attacks targeting only Asian women occurred in San Bruno and Silver Avenues, San Bruno and Arleta Avenues, and San Bruno and Egbert Avenues.

Police said that Garcia lives in the area where the attacks happened.

Based on SFPD’s investigation, one of the victims suffered a nose fracture and a massive laceration that needed seven stitches. Another victim reportedly got her tooth broken.

In one of the attacks, Garcia was found to have followed one of his victims off the San Francisco Muni platform.

On Saturday, the police released a video of one of the attacks showing the suspect brutally assaulting an Asian woman without provocation, CBS reports.

In the short clip, multiple angles show Garcia following a woman along a sidewalk in San Francisco on August 10. Garcia can be seen temporarily halting and hiding behind a power pole before continuing the chase of his victim.

Feature image via SF Police Department

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