Africans in China Report Being Evicted From Homes and Hotels Over Claims of ‘Importing’ Coronavirus

Africans in China Report Being Evicted From Homes and Hotels Over Claims of ‘Importing’ Coronavirus

April 10, 2020
Chinese authorities are reportedly ejecting Africans from their homes and hotels, claiming they were importing COVID-19 into the country.
Africans living in Guangdong and Fujian that have been affected claim that the government was allegedly employing force to evict foreigners from their homes, according to Sahara Reporters.
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“There are claims that blacks are the ones now importing Coronavirus into China,” the claim states. “Foreigners and particularly black people are currently not allowed to access public places including malls, restaurants, and hospitals.”
“They have landlords to evict them, they chase them out of hotels and make them go through all sorts because of Coronavirus.”
Ambassadors of African countries sat down with China’s Foreign Affairs Minister on April 9 to discuss ways to quell the potential human rights violation, The Citizen reported.
Meanwhile, African community leaders spoke with Guangzhou officials and despite the positive results, evictions have yet to come to an end.
“The leaders of the African community in Guangzhou had a meeting with government officials in the city two days ago and discussions centered on all those issues,” one of the affected said. “That’s not to say the evictions have stopped. Africans are all in the open now, under the rain with nowhere to go.”
People of African descent are currently not allowed to access public places, including malls, restaurants and hospitals.
However, in a letter addressed to the Consul-General of Ghana’s Consulate Office in Guangzhou, Chinese officials said the forceful eviction can affect anyone, including Chinese nationals with a history of overseas travel.
“I would like to keep you informed that for the good of public health, anyone (including Chinese nationals) with overseas-travel records will be required to undergo an epidemic investigation and PCR testing,” the letter reads.
The Chinese government also forwarded a notice to foreigners in the affected region.
“From April 5th to April 7th, according to relevant government departments, the streets will organize African tenants within their jurisdictions to carry out nucleic acid screening at designated sites (open space in front of the neighborhood committee). Owners/residents are requested to know and inform their families,” the notice reads.
The Ghana Mission implored Ghanaians who do not have any travel history outside their current jurisdiction to avoid the test. Those who were evicted are calling on the African Union and the United Nations to intervene in the ongoing evictions in Guangdong and Fujian.
Tanzanian Ambassador to China, Mbelwa Kairuki, told The Citizen on Thursday that they have yet to establish reasons for such human rights violations against African nationals in China.
“Give us time to follow-up this issue with the local authorities. We will provide feedback afterwards,” he said.
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